Game News

New Slot Machine Module Added By CrazyElk
Saturday 10th April 05:33

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new slot machine module, if you need some extra money this may be the way to obtain it.

In addition there have been a number of cosmetic tweaks and several minor bugs have been addressed.

Good luck to everyone playing.

New Mugger Module Added By CrazyElk
Tuesday 9th March 13:17

This will allow players to mug a selected user and if successful gain rewards.

There have also been several bug fixes and mod tweaks for your continued entertainment.

Mobile Theme Improved By CrazyElk
Sunday 7th February 02:56

We are delighted to inform you that the mobile theme has been markedly improved, allowing for a much better gaming experience when using mobile devices ... please enjoy!

New Stuff Added By CrazyElk
Sunday 7th February 02:52

CrimeCity is pleased to announce the addition of several new features including adding forum notifications, the ability to save mail for later, adding the ability to sell gang business's, adding a user rating in profiles and several small bug fixes ... enjoy.

Upload Your Avatar By CrazyElk
Wednesday 20th January 14:15

Please be advised that uploading your avatar to our server has been introduced, making it much simpler for users to add their unique image, please try it out.

Hit The Barrel Added By CrazyElk
Sunday 17th January 04:50

For your continuing entertainment and enjoyment, a new 'Hit The Barrel' activity has been added ... check it out!

NotePad Added By SnappaGuy
Sunday 17th January 01:40

Howdy CC players, please note that for jotting things down as you go along a 'NotePad' has been added in the 'Account' section located in the right sidebar ... enjoy!

New Game Chat By SnappaGuy
Friday 15th January 03:21

CrimeCity is pleased and delighted to offer in its game and as part of our ongoing commitment to making the RPG a great one, a brand new chat feature for everyone to enjoy, so please do so!

Invite Friends Via Your Referral Link By CrazyElk
Wednesday 13th January 16:20

Don't forget to use your referral link found in your 'Account' panel when inviting friends to join and play.

By doing that, you are entitled to rewards and bonus's that go towards your own account totals when they join.

Say What? By CrazyElk
Monday 11th January 05:14

If you see things flash before your eyes or something has changed since last time you blinked, please don't be concerned as we are just tweaking the game a little as we go in an effort to bring about a better experience for everyone going forward.